Centralize your data and use it to interact securely and instantly in businesses and procedures.

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Your data, your rules!

Protect and share your data
securely and instantly.

With Insttantt, you register your personal information once, keep it safe in one place, and use it to share with other people and companies instantly with our Safe-Share technology.


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Be part of the network of
verified people and companies

With Insttantt APP, validate your identity once and use it electronically as many times as you need to identify yourself and carry out thousands of instant procedures and processes.

Cel Team Insttantt

Different levels of verification for People

Light Icon Insttantt

  • Advanced Email and Mobile verification
  • Verification of at least one official identity document

Plus Icon Insttantt

  • All Light requirements and:
  • Verification in information centers or two PLUS references


  • All Plus requirements and:
  • At least two official documents
  • At least two PLUS references or one PREMIUM reference
  • Address verification


  • All Select requirements and:
  • Two PREMIUM references
  • Verification of Global Lists and Anti-money laundering.

We also verify companies to protect you from fraud.

Protect yourself from fraud. All companies in Insttantt are verified companies. Look for the Trusted logo

Instant procedures and paperwork!

Tedious procedures and paperwork are beginning to disappear. With your Insttantt app, you can now resolve them instantly in multiple physical and digital places. Here are some of the instant procedures:

Validate your identity

Service Subscription

Data Update

Firmar Documentos

Request Credits

Request Credit Cards

Open Bank Accounts

Request Mortgages

Buy Insurance


And much more...